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Prehistoric Times Tomack The Young ADHD Hunter Part 3

Updated: May 29, 2021

When we entered the forest, something strange started to happen. Since everything was pitch black, the first task was to find a restful place to sleep and spend the night. When we finally found a spot, it was impossible to sleep as we were constantly awakened by the sound of rushing water nearby.

Intrigued to see what it was, we slipped out of the tarp and the noise stopped immediately. We thought we had imagined it, or maybe it was the wind in the trees. We crawled back under the tarp and the noise started again. We felt like something, or someone, was staring at us. Our fire was starting to go out, so I said to Filick, "Go get some wood, I will start the fire again". With Filick gone, it was then that I saw in the darkness what I think was a half-body apparition, and, far from our camp, I heard a cold cry in the night. "Tomack ..."

To be continued...

By Thomas & Philippe Etienne

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