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Prehistoric Times Tomack The Young ADHD Hunter Part 2

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

My dad always told me, "Tomack, you have the right attitude for hunting. You act before you think and focus solely on the moment.

These skills will make you a great hunter." How does my dad know that my brother Filick and I are ready to hunt? When we raise both arms in the air, the smell that comes out and the look on our mother's face tell us everything. This is the first sign that we are on the road to manhood, but before we can finally join the hunt, a rite of passage is essential.

This tradition has been practiced for generations in our clan. For two days, my brother and I must survive on our own in the forest.

There is no escaping this test, it is part of our journey to become a great hunter. I, for one, have never been good at preparation and always forget something. That ability is more attributed to Filick. I just want to dive into this adventure and not think about it, and my clan appreciates this way of thinking. The test started when it got dark. Filick and I were excited and worried at the same time about that first night.

...To be continued...

Made by Thomas & Philippe Etienne (anthropologist references Dad)

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