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ADHD and The Difficulties Of Having Friends at School.

Buddy, friend … At any age, friendships are meaningful and formative relationships. For certain people, it is easier to create friendships, and for others, it is more complicated. There can be various reasons for choosing not to be friends with some people, such as they are not the right height or the right weight. As for me, I think the main reason people choose not to be friends with me is my behaviour. My impulsiveness, my lack of attention and focus makes me different from other students. Sometimes I notice fake laughs and nasty looks from my classmates. They make me want to isolate myself from the rest of the class. However, it's not something that necessarily bothers me. I have criteria for what kind of friendships I want. It might be weird, but what's important is not to trigger my anger.

Why these criteria? My impulsiveness causes me many problems in the classroom as it did in the playground. I have been suspended several times during the year because of my impulsiveness, and today I do not want it happening again. My inattention also does not help to make friends. Sometimes during an exam, I am so distracted that I can watch for 15 minutes a squirrel walking up and down a tree, go from branch to branch; I come back to earth only when the teacher taps my shoulder. Another thing I do a lot is drawing; I can do it during exams, while my teacher talks, during mathematics. I draw all the time. This habit has caused my school grades to decrease a lot.

When other students observe these behaviours, some mock me. It does not bother me; the students who mock me probably only see me as different. That's why my father often tells me: "People who are similar always gather together." He also mentions that it has nothing to do with physical appearance but the similarity in character. Do I have friends? Yes! Although, I like to be alone. I have two close friends; one among them also has ADHD like me, so it's easy to understand each other. My other friend understands the problems of our condition, he laughs sometimes, but he does not judge us. Although having friends is important, school is still a place to learn. As my father tells me: it's better to work on your goal. It's more important, for example, to write this blog and give hope to other boys who have ADHD and their parents. From this blog, I draw motivation to behave better, not disappoint those who now see me as a role model and pursue my cause to understand ADHD better.

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