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ADHD and video games addiction.

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

I hesitated a lot before deciding to write about this subject that affects me personally and several other young boys. Video games are a daily reality of our lives. It has become the main hobby for both children and teenagers. Video games have been present for a few decades now, from the Atari to the PlayStation 5. However, since the first consoles, the problem related to it has only increased. Video game addiction has become an issue for several families who no longer know what to do with this problem. Why are we so addicted to video games? It is a way for us to escape difficulties or forget our troubles. With online games, for example, one can quickly develop friendships with other players.

The more time you spend playing, the stronger these friendships become. As for me, who has ADHD, I can finally feel like myself when I play for several hours. I just feel normal. I do not think about the looks or judgments of others. As you know, people with ADHD have a low dopamine level, and when we play, there is a release of dopamine, which is why I feel great. Dopamine comes from the area of the brain that is also responsible for understanding reward. For example, when we work on a task and accomplish it, the brain's satisfaction will release dopamine.

The problem with video games comes from the fact that the brain releases a significant amount of dopamine when someone plays too often. Therefore, the brain will then require more and more dopamine to keep feeling pleasure.

We are not addicted to video games but rather addicted to dopamine. Another example, when we manage to beat a notorious enemy in a game, the dopamine released by our brain will require more. That is how the addiction begins; the brain is triggered and hungry for the sensation of dopamine. In my case, I find normality; others are looking for this feeling of being high on dopamine. However, in both cases, it creates dependency. As for me, impulsivity, aggressivity and swearing increase when I am obliged to turn off the PC. What should you do to reduce this dependency? Together with my father, I worked on several solutions that help me a lot.

. Relearn how to love outdoor activities.

. Reduce access to electronic devices.

. Cancelling the subscription to some game sites.

. Having access to the video game two days a week as a reward (after I have completed all the tasks on my list.)

It is a long process that first requires young people to recognize they have a problem.

thank You !

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