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ADHD Morning Routine Tips Part 1 By Thomas Etienne

Updated: May 2, 2021

I believe the morning routine is one of the most challenging moments of the day. This situation is very typical of a person with ADHD. My father or my mother must come several times to wake me up. They must wake

me up an hour before my two brothers. Even if they try waking me up early, the morning routine is still challenging. I always ask for another 10 minutes; then, I will go back to sleep every time. When my parents try to wake me up, I can be very impulsive, and during those moments, I can say some awful words to my parents or my brothers. Everybody must be understanding with me; it is almost impossible to get up by myself despite my 2-alarm clock. In the morning, I have a remar

kable lack of motivation; I know that my dopamine level affects my motivation. It also means that I am always late for school.

So here are some tips that I find works for me sometimes. I realized that two things motivate me in the morning. My favourite breakfast or my favourite cartoon of the moment. Why of the moment? I’m a true ADHD patient with all the symptoms, that’s why. I will watch something constantly, even all the time, for a brief time, and then, I will get bored. People who have ADHD will understand.

The first tip that we use is when my father comes into my room and asks me what I want to eat for breakfast. He also asks if I am hungry because sometimes, I am not. Only those words can convince me to get up. My occasional loss of appetite has something to do with ADHD medication; it is one of the side effects. The second tip that we use and works with me is an animated cartoon that I like to watch. That also has the potential to convince me to get up. I have got to be honest if the third choice was a video game, that would always work with me. But I have only an hour and a half to get ready, so that will not do.

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