( ADHD )My first year as a high school student

The first year of high school isn't easy. I just started high school, and I worry a lot. I am struggling with anxiety. I'm worried bullies will judge me because of my condition; my symptoms are peculiar, and other students might be tempted to see me as someone different from them and nothing else. For example, if bullies notice I have a short attention span, they might think I will be an easy target. I would then have to defend myself, which could potentially get me into trouble.Although the beginning of high school means new academic challenges, it also means several physical changes. It is, therefore, a meaningful event in the life of a young person. Students are leaving the comfort of their small elementary school that can only host a few hundred students and facing the reality of a much bigger school they must share with a much larger student body.High school is also a journey towards adolescence; students have more autonomy; parents tend to be more permissive because their children are now older.

However, I believe that support from parents is essential in high school more than ever. It is not because we have become teenagers that boundaries and parental guidance become inadequate; the journey to adulthood will be more painful without them. A more permissive approach or a lack of supervision could result in some parents bitterly regretting their decision. I also fear other ADHD-related challenges will catch up to me, such as forgetfulness; I could easily forget my locker combination. I could also Have trouble finding my way in such a large building and end up in the wrong classroom. I'm also afraid nobody will recognize me and that I won't do well academically. However, I hope high school will be more than just fears and anxieties. Meeting new classmates and teachers can be stimulating in some ways and exhausting in some other ways. I hope it will be a time for adventures and meeting interesting people.

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