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(ADHD) Why do I go to school?

My first days navigating this first year of high school were more difficult than I thought. No, I was not bullied but adapting to this change of environment was complicated. High school is entirely different; I must drag myself from class to class without much motivation. I already missed two days; I told my parents that I suffered from a migraine. Luckily, they maintain the same structure as before; without it, I think I'd be even more anxious. So why do I go to school? I would be happier at home playing with my game consoles. Many well-meaning adults say that school is to prepare for the future, but to me, all this is so far away! It is not something I often think about, to my father's dismay. Therefore, I believe that to enjoy school; I must find another source of motivation than a career. With my condition, inattention is my primary concern; I must make sure to follow what is going on during those lengthy classes. Therefore, medication is an essential part of my morning routine.

I must not forget to take it; otherwise, my day will be challenging and demotivating. When my father noticed my apparent despair, He asked me: "Thomas, why are you going to school?" I had to think for a moment, and I told him I didn't know, to learn, I guess. He then told me: "if you don't understand why you're doing something, you'll never be motivated to want to do it." According to him, my discouragement comes from my lack of interest in what is being thought. So, I began researching each of the subjects I have to take this year to see how they might be useful to me in the future. I tried to understand why they are part of the curriculum. Geography, for example, will allow me to have better points of reference during future trips. I also started looking at several applications that will enable me to master Math better. Obviously, I will never enjoy every single class I have to take. However, knowing about their usefulness and showing even partial interest in them will make a difference. School is an essential part of my life, so I should understand why I have to be there and spend so much time there. It is not exactly a choice; it's more of an obligation. However, as it is a place of learning, it is necessary to be there for academic reasons. Although I like to socialize with my friends, it is not the purpose of school. So why not make the best of it, as my father says.

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