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Mom, your summer is not a vacation.

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

by Thomas Etienne

When we think of summer, we instinctively think of fun and rest. However, my mother believes it is an opportunity to improve and prepare for the beginning of the upcoming school year. Here is how my summer vacation began; I hoped to devote all that free time to video games. However, my mother is right when she says it might not be the best idea. Of course, it bothers me; I would like to do the things I enjoy and be spontaneous, but the reality is I mustn’t forget the structure I have become accustomed to during the school year. Especially with my condition, it is easy for us to forget the routine and fall into idleness. As my father likes to remind me, it is sometimes necessary to neglect some fun and think about autumn to be prepared for the beginning of the school year. It is true that in the past, it was often a difficult time for me. Slacking off during the summer makes it difficult for me to start the school year in September. Therefore, even if I am dissatisfied because I won’t have the summer I’m dreaming of, following my mother’s plan for the summer will make my life easier when September comes around. There are two different goals I wanted to aim for, a better physique and a worry-free school year. We incorporated those two priorities into the daily schedule. First, in the morning, I continue to get up early; I do the same tasks I did during the school year, make my bed, and tidy up my room. I also do additional chores, such as cleaning the bathroom or sweeping and washing the floor; it is up to me.

Because my father works in the afternoon, he is home with us in the morning.

With the help of a few dumbbells, he created a five-day bodybuilding program. I strengthen different parts of my body using light weights. I do pectoral on Monday, arms on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, back on Thursday and shoulders on Friday. It is unnecessary to have an arsenal of bodybuilding equipment; a few dumbbells are enough to achieve my goal. I know several people will say that I am too young to lift dumbbells. Do not worry; what I am lifting is proportionate to my strength. I also try to add pumps and pullovers to each training session to easily lift my own body by the end of the summer.

Afterwards, I have lunch, and 15 minutes later, I spend an hour and a half doing English and mathematics. My mother decided to ask the school which schoolbooks will be used at the beginning of the fall. That way, I can start the school program during the summer. Yes, it seems to be a busy program. However, for two years now, I have been following this summer program assiduously, and it has drastically improved my grades. The notions that I acquire during the summer make it possible to fill the gaps resulting from the moments I am not paying attention to what is going on in class during the school year.

After dinner, when there are sunny days, I go to the municipal swimming pool for an hour thirty minutes. In the afternoon, I have my karate session, which lasts about 40 minutes. You can easily alternate it with a period of games at the local park. When I get home, I have supper, then write some paragraphs for the blog. Late in the evening, I can devote one hour to video games or a TV series. I maintain this routine until Saturday, and on Sunday, we do a family activity. It can be a visit to the museum, camping etc. Our budget is crucial to our family, it is not for lack of money, but we must be aware of the financial aspect of life. So, no trips this summer; it will be one or two camping weekend getaways. This calendar is not only my mother’s, but it is also my father’s calendar. My father has a list of priorities. As he explains, when we travel, we are satisfied now, laugh, have fun, but in return, all we get is memories. You know, it is not that my parents do not like some distraction from everyday life, but sometimes, it’s better to prioritize back-to-school preparation than fun. When you have a condition like mine that involves impulsivity combined with a lack of attention, the school year becomes exceptionally challenging. You might not mind missing out on travelling and having a busy summer schedule if the result, a few months later, is a successful school year. That is why mom, your summer will be one of success.

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