Origin of ADHD We Are What We Are Because of Nature by Thomas Etienne

Updated: May 4, 2021

From Paleolithic ADHD hunter

to modern day pre-adolescent

We are what we are because of nature

Nature influences our physical appearance and personality traits. And it all starts with natural selection, which is a process of adaptation. In simple terms, natural selection occurs when an organism is best adapted to its environment. And those that survive pass on the traits they possess to increase the survival of subsequent generations. At the same time, less adapted organisms will fail to stay alive.

And this process explains why ADHD traits are less present today, simply because sedentary living became the norm and humans began to need fewer hunters and more farmers.

As for me, I am more the son of a hunter than a farmer, as is the vast majority of the modern population. In the Paleolithic era, a pre-adolescent like me did various tasks within the community, and this lifestyle was excellent for people we now refer to as ‘’ADHD’’. In those days, we were considered great hunters and people needed skills to survive as they hunted beasts of all sizes. School was in the great outdoors, we had to study animal behaviour, how to hunt and develop tracking methods.

We also had to learn to use clubs to push animals off cliffs so we could kill them faster. Over time, through the imagination of these hunters, better tools and weapons were developed to catch more animals. The traps and spears they made increased their chances of killing their prey and staying alive. Since being a hunter was exciting but risky, this lifestyle was best suited for a boy with ADHD because our brains need to be regulated all the time.

And the challenge that nature offers us gives us the stimulation to function well. In the end, we can say that at the time, human populations needed people like me, but when man began to settle down, hunters were less necessary. This transformation of the situation explains why people like me have a lot of trouble adapting to the current environment. Therefore, this is why I say that "

we are what we are because of nature".

By Thomas Etienne

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