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Yes it's True ! I Always Take my ADHD Medication by Thomas Etienne

Medication, in the world of ADHD, is one of the topics that generate most reactions. This subject is sensitive to both parents and school employees because it requires choosing between medication or non-medication. The big question is: what is the best choice? The answer is it depends on the state of the patient's symptoms. According to my parents, my first signs of ADHD were very visible during daycare. The educators often said to my parents: "Thomas hasn't listened today," "he bothered another child this morning," "Thomas was quite agitated this afternoon," etc...

My parents thought back then that I was simply a child full of energy. However, my impulsiveness was only getting worse.

By the time I started elementary school, it was becoming even harder to manage my symptoms. It became even more apparent that something was wrong.

I have very little memory from daycare, but one of the things I remember is the sadness in my parents' faces when they had to listen to all those reports about my behaviour. Back then, we had no idea what my diagnosis would be. Therefore, the beginning of primary school was extremely difficult for me. I remember the beginning of the year was always smooth. However, there was always a bad report about my behaviour by Christmas time. I had a hard time integrating into the school because I didn't understand why I had these impulsive moments.

My teachers and principal made me stay after school and even on weekends. That's when my family doctor asked that I see a psychologist, who evaluated me for six months and finally, I was diagnosed with ADHD. Finally, there was a name for what I had! I tried several medications before we f

ound one that was the right fit for me. I had different reactions with the first medications, more impulsivity, lack of appetite, difficulty sleeping etc. After trying out four different kinds of medicine, there was one that finally calmed my impulsiveness and my inattention. For a long time, my parents had to stay beside me to take my medication because I felt that I was not myself when I took it. As soon as they had their backs turned, I would throw it or hide it, but my mother noticed that every time I took my medication, I ate as if it was the last time I would eat in my life. My father, always a little naïve, said to mother: "he is growing up, that's all," until he too observed my appetite was like an ogre's during supper. Today, I no longer throw away my medication because my father and I have watched several reports on YouTube about the reasons for my impulsiveness and my inattention. When I understood this and the effectiveness of the medication, I stopped doing it. So that's why , yes it's true ! I always take my medication.

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